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Mountain Brewing Co - A taste that deserves to be shared

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Mountain Brewing Company is a brewery situated in the Klipbokkop nature reserve, nestled in the Worcester mountain range, it is brewed to perfection by brewmaster PG Groenewald whose beer surged to stardom in 2015.

Mountain Brewing Company holds their saying a superior taste worth sharing” to the highest regard and distils that regulation of standard into every beer brewed. The brewing extends far beyond a hobby or job for PG. It has become a way of life, an expression that allows him to channel his creative and artistic talents. I asked PG what he does and why, and his response was “I make beer because I like it.”

After explaining that customers might want to know a little bit more about the details, I was overwhelmed with the passion resonating in his voice,

“I’m the head Brewer for MBco, we’re a small family-run brewery, which means that many hats fit the same head. My reason why? Well, I never enjoyed the taste of beer until I discovered craft beer 8 years ago. I fell in love with the variety of aromas and flavours it had to offer me, allowing me to explore senses I never thought possible. There was life in craft beer.”

MBco is the pinnacle of where passion, hard work and creativity meet. It has provided the Groenewald alchemist with a variety of national medals from his range of craft beer. MBco has to date 11 national gold and silver medals throughout their range of craft beer.

What sets MBco craft beer apart from the rest?

“The attention to detail end to end in our process. There are 800 components where one thing can ruin the product. We made sure to invest in key equipment to naturally extend the shelf life of our beer, combined with quality water source and ingredients. Our main objective is to share our beer with as many people as we can and simultaneously maintain our standard of quality”.

Those are a lot of components, surely that must be a superpower?

“I wouldn’t call it a superpower, but how I perceive the brewery as a living organism. A superstructure, you have to allow a part of yourself to be guided by in order to perfect the process.”

Mountain Brewing Company Loadshed Lager
Loadshed Lager - Mountain Brewing Company

The creativity that emanates from this superstructure, accompanied by the quality ingredients overflows into the beer, delivering a crisp and consistent taste.

The birthing of this superior tasting craft beer brand happened a year before MBco established themselves to the public. A battle waged between man and beast in his garage, the Groenewald alchemist armed with a keg and a few ingredients brewed the Cape Kraken into submission after weeks of unrest. Once perfected, the Cape Kraken brought the mixer of elixirs a gold medal. The desire for MBco craft beer has grown exponentially, however the battles of conquest are far from over for MBco’s head brewer.

The prohibited sale of alcohol in South Africa’s lockdown has posed another obstacle for small local breweries.

“Not being able to know when we can do business again is the real problem. 15 families rely on an income from MBco, and we are a small family-run brewery. There are no shareholders with deep pockets to depend on. Once the ban is lifted, our craft beer would have matured beautifully at MBco, and will be ready to be delivered fresh to your door.”

What do you love about Africa?

“The beauty of the country is not only in her views and destinations, but its culture and diversity. It is amazing how a beer can bring us all together around a fire. Beers don’t ask questions; they just simply understand.”

Your greatest achievement?

Keeping my wife and kids happy.”

Anything you would like to leave the readers with?

“Treat beer like milk and you will never have a bad one.”

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