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Love water, bringing love, peace, and abundance to your day.

The majority of our planet consists of water. Similarly, so are we. Water makes up 70% of our body, and the average person should be drinking around 2 litres a day. However, the more water you drink, the more you pick up the variances within H20. You become a water snob, and you taste the difference between tap, spring, filtered water.

Yet, thanks to the work of Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto, you can now taste and feel the effects of energised water. Dr. Emoto changed the game when he found ground-breaking evidence on how human thoughts, words, and intentions shape the molecular structure of water. He applied words/thoughts of “Love/Gratitude/Peace” to one body of water and photographed it. He then did the same thing to another body of water, but with words/thoughts “You disgust me/Evil”.

The camera captured the water molecular structure that had been exposed to the “negative” words and thoughts as disconnected. The molecular structure of the water exposed to the positive human attributes showed something most extraordinary and beautiful within the water. The crystals that formed took various delicate, almost snowflake-like, shape. His research transcended into how polluted water can regain its well-shaped geometric structure through an hour-long prayer by Reverend Kato Hoki. The previous toxic shaped water reformed into an amazing aesthetically pleasing geometric shape through a Buddhist Prayer. The comparisons of Mozart running through water and Heavy metal yielded similar results. The heavy metal obliterated the crystals, while Mozart harmonised balanced geometric shapes.

Shannon Delaporte had the privilege of studying under DR Emoto, learning first hand about energised water in Japan in 2012. “He was a kind spiritual man and was passionate about his work and spreading positivity in the world. May he rest in peace”. Shannon started Love Water with the intention to bring love, peace, and abundance to people’s days.

Drink Love, Savour Peace, and Sip abundance with Love Water. By applying Dr. Emoto’s research and theory, Shannon takes natural spring water from Paarl and decanters it into environmentally friendly glass bottles. Love Water will even buy them back from you! (R5 off every bottle you return).

Love Water delivers around Cape Town a few times a week. All you have to do is place an order, book a collection, and enter a discount code if you’ve returned bottles before! You can also find them on uber eats if you need them right away under ‘The Coffee Community’.

Love Water’s water composition is:

Ca (Calcium) 2.7, Mg (Magnesium) 4.8, Na (Sodium) 3.6, K (Potassium) 1.5, Cl (Chloride) 50, SO4 (Sulphate) 5.4, N (Nitrate) 3.6, F (Flouride) <0.1, Fe (Iron) >0.1 Al (Aluminium) >0.1, Total Alkalinity 13, TDS 166, 0.45 Micron Filtration, Ph 6.2


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