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What is combed cotton & how is simple socks serving our community

Cotton was first cultivated back in 3000 B.C. In 2500 B.C, Chinese, Egyptian & South American civilisations started to weave the cotton into fabric. Cotton is now grown all over the world and originates from seedpods of the plant.

Today, cotton is everywhere! Bed Linen, shirts, towels etc… But, have you heard of combed cotton?

Combed cotton was founded in 1902 by an Englishman named Nasmith, who developed a machine known as the Nasmith Comber. The process of combing cotton allows for a softer and more durable product.

What happens after it is harvested?

Once harvested, the cotton is cleaned to remove all the seeds and dirt. It then moves to the next stage, where the fibres are separated and placed in the same direction. The coils of raw cotton are made into wool or thread. Any impurities and short cotton fibres are removed by fine brushes to make combed cotton. With only the long fibres left, the combed cotton is spun into thread.

Cotton fibres are treated before they are spun into yarn. This process turns cotton into combed cotton, which allows it to be softer, tougher, and of higher quality. Combed cotton is softer as the shorter threads, which are removed, stick out, and can cause irritation. These shorter fibres create weak-points in the product, and thereby removing them creates a more tightly knit product. The threads are also less likely to fray and unravel.

Heard of Simple Socks?

Simple Socks is all about making life sweet with their range of socks iconic to Africa! Life is short make it sweet. Simple Socks was founded on the core values and principles of creating a brand that serves a purpose within their community and South Africa.

“Simple Socks was created to honour a dear friend who passed away. That tough time taught me a lot about life, how we take it for granted and never take the time to appreciate the small things in life”.

Simple Socks are proudly endorsed by CANSA- The Cancer Association of South Africa, aiding in cancer research, educating, and family support.

Simple Socks is a brand that not only serves a community, but it also serves a nation. Founder, Mike Green, aims to inspire others and give back to the community through his brand Simple Socks.

Support local and CANSA as a percentage of every sale gets donated!


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