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Simple socks, walking with a purpose

With a slogan “Walk with purpose”, it means every time you put on that sock, you are giving back and helping others. “Our passions lead us to our purpose”.

Mike Green started Simple Socks in 2019 to honour his best friend, who passed away from brain cancer. The core value of Simple Socks is to build a brand that serves a nation. Simple Socks is endorsed by the CANSA foundation, and a portion of every sale goes towards education, family support, and research for cancer.

Mike, having a background in the marketing field and having worked in big corporate environments for 12 years, decided after he lost his best friend- “Do I want to live? Or chase the next big thing?”. Deciding to leave his own marketing company of three years, he pursued his ambition of creating something of purpose. Something that will nourish and serve the nation. “I feel this is my purpose. It has been a hard, tough road, but it has all been worth it”.

These fundamental core values have seen Simple Socks go from strength to strength, putting their best foot forward to serve a nation. “The response from customers has been amazing. We are really blessed to have the clients that we do. We aim to be a unique brand that differentiates itself from the rest of the market. We aim to inspire people through our socks. Each sock has a message behind it. The one with the mountain was designed to show people that mountains can be moved. The penguin socks have a water reflective paste. Your face that is one’s heart reflects life”.

What are your superpowers?

"People. People are my superpower. I tend to think further than myself and more for other people. I have a caring heart. I put others before myself. Values and morals are core to Simple Socks and myself. Being myself is my superpower, I think we are all powerful people and unique in our own way. We all have a uniqueness to add to this world, it’s just all about finding it”.

What do you love about Africa?

“I believe there is so much creativity in Africa and so much that can be taught through Africa. I believe that the light in Africa can illuminate the world. We, as a people, can do so much if we are given the opportunity. For me, Africa is everything, and I will never leave this country. Africa is my heart.

What made you take the step into the unknown to become an entrepreneur?

My old man was an entrepreneur. Previously I worked for him and learned a lot from him. After a while, I decided I needed to break out and use what I had learned to give back. Your vision is entirely different from someone else’s, what you see is unique to your vision, and it is the same with the impact you have on others. When I was 32, I left my old man’s business to start my own brand-building company. Then with Simple Socks, I decided I couldn’t do both and gave up the brand building company to pursue my calling with Simple Socks.

Future plans for Simple Socks?

"I want our brand to go global and to allow it the chance to be able to give back to Africa".

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