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Mannabrew, The Superfood Coffee brand, without the crash.

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Mannabrew is a local, family-run business that started a year and a half ago. However, the idea behind the Mesquite tree started about 24 years ago, states Pieter Coetzee, their brand manager.

Pieter’s uncle started working with the Northern Cape forestry department to limit the spread of the invasive Mesquite tree. The trees had become a massive pest in the area that was originally imported from South America. The trees spread like wildfire due to their short growth period. From the moment of germination to the trees first harvest it only takes 9 months.

To keep the trees from completely taking over, the family used the wood to make furniture that they exported to America. As time progressed and the Rand strengthened, exporting the furniture became less profitable.

Something else needed to be done to manage the spread of the Mesquite tree in South Africa. The idea to grind up the pod and the seeds in order to stop the tree from spreading was birthed. It led to the founders discovering something else about this invasive flora. Mesquite, in its raw form, helps with the control of our sugar-levels. This led to the creation of MannaHealth about 15 years ago. MannaHealth helped people with diabetes and those looking for weight-loss to better manage their sugar levels.

Why branch into coffee?

I have always been a coffee fanatic, so this was perfect for me. Going in the coffee direction, I just loved that”, says Pieter. "By the way, decaf, is not considered coffee”.

Mannabrew coffee’s secret behind their crash-free caffeine and no acidity alternative is the Mesquite tree. The Mesquite tree thought to be an invasive species up in our Northern Cape province, allows Mannabrew to not use caffeine in their coffee. Instead, they use the organic seed pods of the tree. These pods are then cleaned, roasted & milled!

How does Mannabrew do it?

The seed pods are carefully selected and gathered each summer. The pods are then moved to a facility where they are sorted, and only the finest make it to the bagging stage. Transported to their next destination, they are cleaned, roasted, and made into a variety of granules. These granules can be used in a variety of coffee-makers, ensuring you get your Superfood kick of the day. Mannabrew is a healthy alternative.

Why is no-caffeine and acidity important?

Caffeine and acidity are the two major negatives in coffee. The acidity can mess with your overall joint health and affect a woman’s hormones while going through menopause, this has seen a lot of people moving away from coffee. There are a lot of minerals in Mannabrew’s Superfood alternative that provides you with a slower come-on caffeine effect, without the crash.

How does it provide the caffeine-like effect without the caffeine?

The Mesquite pod is already high in energy, which provides you with a slower and more natural release of energy through your body. It has only 11 calories per 100ml of Mannabrew coffee.

What are your Super Powers?

People-skills, just being able to talk to people. If you can carry your excitement over to another person, you can do business.

What do you love about Africa?

Everything! I love it, Africa is just so different. The way we do business and how we want to do business face-to-face. We’ve got an incredible array of biodiversity through our different provinces.

What made you take the step into the unknown to be an entrepreneur?

I was sort of born into it. My father has always been a businessman for as long as I can remember. It isn’t always easy, but I grew up with the mindset of being a businessman.


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