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How to Minimise your waste

No longer is it easier to fix something than it is to simply buy a new one. With mass production of a variety of consumables, we see a huge amount of waste littered around our planet.

Yet, what has been done about it? Has society pushed us to a point of reliance/addiction to cheap and easily replaceable goods? In an earlier article, we delved into the correct aspects of recycling and how to recycle. Now, let’s look at how we can minimise waste in our environment. By doing this, we can affect the impact it has on our oceans, landfills, and cities.

How to minimise waste in the home

1- Learn the correct process of recycling and find out where to recycle. You can read our recycling article here to see the ins and outs of recycling.

2-Start using more reusable containers or opts for an eco-conscious food dish. Remember when packaging your food try to think of single-use plastics like cling wrap!

3-Stop using plastic bags! The convince is there, but the overall effect on our earth is just not worth it. Rather opt for the fabric or cardboard alternative. Rather carry a small bag around than our oceans, plus think of all the savings from the plastic single-use bags.

4- Thought of composting? Growing up, we would religiously gather all the veg/fruit scraps that could be used. It’s a much better, healthier, and organic way to garden.

5- Stick to a meal plan, think out your foods, and stick to them. Don’t buy unnecessary foods that just end up in the trash, it's throwing money away. By thinking and setting a meal plan, you can also achieve your fitness and healthier lifestyle goals sooner.

6- Don’t use disposable plates! Washing a dish might be a mission, but it is better than adding to the already existing stockpile of plastic and paper plates littering landfills and surrounding eco-systems!

7- Plastic water bottles need to stop - throw in facts. Rather opt for a glass bottled water and reuse the bottle!

8- Learn to repair things rather than just disregarding them because it is easier to buy them!

How to minimise waste in the office/ at work

1- Water coolers, get them! Minimise the waste of individual bottles/containers around the office.

2- Encourage the people to bring reusable lunch containers

3- Opt for a paperless office environment. In this day and age, we have access to so many digital tools that eradicating paper in the office is not difficult.

4- Encourage staff members to upload to a cloud instead of printing out all their documents.

5- Email instead of using paper memos/notes

What are the benefits of minimising waste? Well, the costs for one go down, and profits go up! There’s less waste going to landfills. Energy is saved as less manufacturing is needed to supply the goods.

Go see our store to see what products will help you minimise your waste!

& take a peek at our recycling article to see what you can do with your waste.


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