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Ladles of Love Smashes a Mandela Day World Record and Feeds Thousands

Ladles of Love was started by Danny Diliberto where he was inspired to do more for the homeless in his community.

Just last weekend, the 18th of July on Mandela Day, Ladles of Love challenged their fellow Capetonians to break the record for the most sandwiches made in an hour. In true South African fashion, the Capetonians rose to the challenge and made a whopping 304,583 sandwiches

Founder, Danny Diliberto, Zimbabwean born, made the journey to South Africa as a teenager and discovered a passion for food. Diliberto, having followed his passion for food into the restaurant industry, decided it was a no-brainer to start a new version of a soup kitchen. 

Ladles of Love is an NPO (Non-Profit Organisation) that received an outstanding 304,583 sandwiches from members in their community to feed the homeless amidst the Covid-19 outbreak. The original target was to reach 125,000 sandwiches. At 2.30pm the target was reached and then broken. It surpassed the standing South African record by almost 18,000 sandwiches and demolished the world-record by approximately 68,000 sandwiches! 

The vibe

The atmosphere at the Ladles of Love headquarters at Sun Exhibits Grand West was electric, as truck after truck arrived to offload the sandwiches collected from 13 depots across the Western Cape”. 

The last truck of the memorable day offloaded at approximately 4:00 pm. The final count was in by 4:30 pm when Danny Diliberto enthusiastically released on a live stream that Cape Town had historically made 304,583 sandwiches within 1 hour. 

How did Ladles of Love do it?

“This feat was no easy task. In just a couple of days we pulled together a network and team that brought this concept to life. This attempt wasn’t just about breaking the record; our aim is to change the Covid-19 story and demonstrate the true spirit of Ubuntu and continue feeding the hungry. It was far beyond what we expected. The generosity of Capetonians demonstrated here is overwhelming. Madiba magic was all over the Mother City on Mandela Day.” 

195,000 of the 304,583 sandwiches were sent out through the Ladles of Love network and the remainder of the sandwiches were distributed in the days that followed. 

To think over 300,000 people will receive a meal because of this initiative warms my heart and we couldn’t have done it without the support of Cape Town”. 

This could not have happened without an amazing team and generous sponsors.

A special thank you to our Ladles of Love family, network and gracious sponsors SASKO who sponsored 14 000 loaves of bread and Rhodes Quality who provided the jam, without whom none of this would be possible,” says Diliberto 

The sponsors

Le-Anne Engelbrecht, who is SASKO’s Executive Marketing Director, spoke to Ladles of Love stating,

We are honoured to have been a part of this wonderful initiative”.

Engelbrecht continues, “Cape Town came together to show that when we work together, we all can make a difference and help someone in need. To SASKO, Taste the care is much more than just a tagline on our ads. It is the way we deliver quality products every day, and how we support our customers and communities. We feel that these values really align with Ladles of Love, so when they approached us with this opportunity, we just had to jump on board and get involved.”

SASKO hopes that the drive will continue after Mandela Day within the community. The deed of making a sandwich and sharing it may be a simple gesture but means a great deal to those receiving it. Engelbrecht says,

For SASKO, it was more than just about breaking the world record, it’s about showing care. When we all come together, we can help each other and make our communities better.”  

All that bread needs some jam, Rhodes Quality jam to be exact. Rhodes Quality could not help but be on board in the momentous drive in the community. Tamara Patel, the Brand Manager at Rhodes Quality echoed her sentiments to Ladles of Love,

At the heart of the Rhodes Quality brand lies our connection with people and food, and giving back to communities who are in need is a big part of what drives us.”

Rhodes Quality was beyond proud to be a part of such a memorable and amazing initiative. “To bring sustenance to those less fortunate, and helping the Ladles of Love team to reach their goal of feeding 10 million people on Mandela Day,” says Patel. 

While the past Mandela Day weekend was an amazing success. The need for food initiates like Ladles of Love is needed more than ever in these times. Diliberto explains,

While the record attempt is exciting, our main aim is to continue to feed millions of people in communities that are in dire need during this challenging time”. 

What do you love about Africa?

“I love the beautiful and varied scenery, the African sunrises and sunsets, the wide-open spaces and the diversity of different people and cultures."

What are your superpowers?

“My superpowers are being able to bring people together for a common purpose in the spirit of Ubuntu”

For more information or questions, visit the Ladles of Love Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

or to donate R150 to feed someone for a month visit:

Found out how you can volunteer or help:

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