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GoPack's effective range of health and energy boosters.

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

GoPack was founded on the beliefs of Tasty, Cheap and Effective.

They launched The Anti Hangover at the Cape Town Festival of Beer and received amazing responses that resulted in return customers. The most common question asked was “Where do I get it?” with the brother’s response being “Where do you want it?”. This led them to stock the most frequented bottle stores in Cape Town. During lockdown GoPack’s largest source of sales, bottle stores, were closed. The brothers did what they always do when faced with a challenge, laughed and kept GOing.

What made you start GoPack?

"We started with a simple idea: Stress is inevitable, so how do we deal with it? We needed tools to deal with stress, both in the immediate and in the long term. We looked around and realised that everyone has to deal with stress, but there were no quick stress relievers.

Looking at how people cope with their stress we found that: Some drink to unwind, which presents its own problems the very next day; some use therapy or meditation, but that’s not always available when you need it and can be costly....

We, along with our loving wives, used our experience to solve the biggest problems in the world: Hangovers, Anxiety and Energy."

GoPack’s range accommodates to all avenues of the South African market and lifestyle.

Rough night and need to be fresh the next morning – The Anti Hangover will be your saving grace, made with all-natural products to battle any alcohol-induced scenario and allow you to tackle your day the next morning. How does it taste? Like Pancakes with cinnamon and lemon!

Staying at home during lockdown has various stressors; screaming kids, agitated dogs or never-ending zoom calls. The Zen Master is the one for you. No one likes being pricked and prodded by a guy with goggles and a lab coat, so we solved that. GoPack’s are easy to understand. If you have a hangover, take one, if you’re stressed, pop a Zenny and if you’re tired, then Power Up…and there are no side effects when Nature is the doctor”.

Now in 2020 they’ve added The CBD Bomb consisting of 20mg of superior quality CBD presented through a sensational chocolate infused honey.

It contains an entire daily dose of full-spectrum CBD distillate, which contains all the co-factors found in nature, not just a single cannabinoid like most CBD products available in South Africa. It’s really the bomb”.

Need an extra boost in the day or some extra focus? GoPacks ‘The Power Up’ has you covered and will have you revving to go. The Power Up does this through long-lasting and wholesomely natural ingredients that prevent that notorious “energy crash”. GoPacks The Power Up is fully equipped to kick your A into G.

How has the response been to GoPack?

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with many customers surprised at how something that tastes like a snack can also be all-natural and work so efficiently.

What are your superpowers?

GoPack is a small core group with very diverse interests, expertise and ideas. Combining these elements into a company can be like riding a rollercoaster while balancing on a hoverboard and solving algebra equations, but we always end up with the same ethos: Good Product, Good Price. We pride ourselves on being a company that never forgets that when you break it down, we’re all just people, trying to get along with each other and bring some value to people’s lives. We like to be easy to deal with, and we like to make things better, and really, that is our superpower: We make things better, and we love doing it.

What do you love about Africa?

After living in other countries, we found that the one thing we missed about Africa was its people. We are hardy, we are innovative, and we love to ask questions. Our continent is one defined by development and has been for centuries, and Africans haven’t lost that spirit of development, so when it comes to developing ideas, Africa has a can-do attitude, and it’s this that makes us feel African.

What made you take the step into the unknown to become an entrepreneur?

Being entrepreneurs has always felt very natural to us, as in every company we’ve worked in, the trend has been to look around and see how we can improve what we see. Entrepreneurship was always going to be a logical follow on from that because when you see something that needs to be improved, and there is no mechanism to do so, the natural next step is to create it. Being an entrepreneur will always be part of the fibre of our being, so it never felt like a step we decided to take, but rather it feels like where we went simply because it feels right.

GoPack’s plan for the future?

We have entered into a merger with a brand that has stamped it’s mark vividly on South Africa, Zang. This is our next step, innovative interactions with the public and entertaining activations have been the hallmark of Zang, and now we will bring our own innovative touch to the brand to develop new products that tie in with GoPacks offerings as well as expand on the Zang product range.

Something to leave our readers with?

One last ingredient in the GoPack business is fun and laughter. Our jokes are inappropriate, our glasses generally full, and our dress code comfy. Just because our products are seriously good doesn’t mean we have to be serious.

Instagram- @gopacksa

Facebook- @gopacksa

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