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Bueno Boards Still Delivering and Bringing People Memorable Experiences.

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Bueno Boards launched in 2019 on Valentine’s Day by owner Gabi van Niekerk. As a copywriting and Le Cordon Bleu graduate she has an immense passion for quality ingredients and bringing loved ones together through good food. Bueno Boards started as a side hustle, and has now bloomed into business with the help of family, friends and Bueno team members behind the beautiful creations.

Presentation, quality and fresh produce are paramount to the Bueno Boards team.

Exceptional customer relations deliver an immensely sensational and loving experience with great quality food.

What does a week look like at Bueno Boards?

“During summer we’re non-stop busy with events and big celebrations. When summer winds down and winter rolls in, most of our orders take place on the weekend. In winter, our boards tend to be enjoyed more in smaller settings, like at home with family or friends or as picnic snacks. While the seasons are different, the preparation and love that goes into each board is just as focused and important to us. We start the week off by getting orders in and invoices out. Then we’ll usually meet with our suppliers and purchase whatever fresh stock is needed for the week ahead. Once all of that is done, the real work begins, mise en place! This involves a lot of board folding, carrot peeling and chickpea blitzing for us. On the day of deliveries, we’re usually up at 5am to put the boards together to be feasted on and delivered by lunchtime.”

How has lockdown affected Bueno Boards?

Our big summer season came to an abrupt halt! However, I do believe in a positive future, and I’m focusing on sharing our magic in ways we still can, by posting #BuenoBakes recipes to be made at home, connecting in DMs, supporting small businesses by buying vouchers for one-day treats and, as always, eating and sharing good food. That’s what I had always dreamed to do anyway!”

How has the response been to Bueno Boards?

“We’ve been very lucky to have loyal supporters since launching. What I’m most proud of with Bueno Boards is how many first time customers order again and again. Not only do we get to know and make friends with these food lovers, but our return customers are confirmation that we offer a product that is not only delicious but makes people feel good and excited about food at a reasonable price!”

What are Bueno Boards plans for the future?

“Most of our plans have been paused during this uncertain time, but we’re definitely up to a few ecommerce and website things!”

How do you see Bueno Boards?

“Bueno Boards is a celebration of all the foods we know and love, deliberately put together in a way that must be shared (preferably with those we know and love!)”.

What are your superpowers?

Our superpower is choosing quality above all else. The thing that really drives us is that while we have more options for ready-made meals or fast foods than ever before, so much of what’s available for takeaways leaves us feeling kind of blah. A big part of the inspiration behind Bueno Boards was to give people a takeaway option that isn’t only a beautiful experience, but a meal that makes them feel good and satisfied. That’s why we put so much effort into presentation, using glass jars instead of plastic and finding suppliers that share similar values. It takes more time, work and expense but if we didn’t do it this way, we wouldn’t do it at all”.

What do you love about Africa?

“The abundance of nature and produce! The kindness and resilience of its people and, although it’s a little cheesy, our sunsets. I will always appreciate how lucky we are to end our days with such magnificent ones”.

What made you take the step into the unknown to become an entrepreneur?

“Throughout my life, I’ve always had a side hustle or creative project on the go. I started my career as a writer and social media intern in London and later moved back to Cape Town as a copywriter in advertising. Becoming an entrepreneur was about stepping away from the computer screen and getting creative by serving and connecting with people the best way I know how – through food”.

“To create a life for yourself on your own terms and time is a value I hold close to my heart. I come from a family of hard-working, passionate entrepreneurs who problem solve daily”.

What book are you currently reading?

“Atomic Habits- James Clear”.

Something to leave our readers with?

Bueno Boards sell delicious local produce boards for food lovers that tend to be enjoyed at lunchtime home with family or friends or as first date picnic snacks. While the seasons are different, the preparation and love that goes into each board is just as focused and important to us.

Instagram- @bueno.boards

Bueno Boards serves quality food and snack boards that are great for lunchtime with recipes for food lovers through the hashtag #BuenoBakes

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