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Msulwa Life, Unique Eco-Friendly and Natural Products, that Helps Minimise Single-Use Plastics

Msulwa Life is a proudly South African online store that was started by Megan in 2020.

The idea of an online store that creates and sells unique eco-friendly and natural products was on the mind of the eco-warrior for a number of years.

After qualifying as a Biokineticist back in 2014, Msulwa Life’s CEO headed over to the UK and Europe. “I worked abroad for 5 years as a Carer and then as a 2nd Stewardess/Personal Trainer on a Superyacht”. The exposure to various large quantities of unnecessary waste led to Megan seeing alternative ways of being more conscious and environmentally aware.

 “An appreciation and love for South Africa was cemented over my years of travel. I came to realise Africa is my remarkable home and where I decided to return!”.  

Why Msulwa? 

Msulwa means “Pure, Innocent & Clean” in isiZulu. We fell in love with these meanings for our brand as it entirely represents our brand’s vision”.

Yet, what do these words mean to Msulwa Life?  Pure- reflects that our products are free from harmful chemicals. Innocent- reflects that we don’t use animal products and are cruelty free. Clean- reflects that our products are eco-friendly, protecting the environment in as many ways as possible.  

Msulwa Life believes that these are the 3 vital components that we all should strive to align in our lives. Pure, Innocent & Clean - to achieve an optimal human lifestyle that is in harmony with our earth. 

Msulwa Life products are thereby sourced and created to be Vegan, Plastic Free, Natural, Chemical Free, Organic, Zero Waste, Cruelty-free, and Sustainable! The idea to start this eco-friendly company branched from Megan’s immense appreciation for her personal Health & Environment, stemming from the large amounts of research Megan accumulated around food choices.

Upon discovering the benefits of a Plant-Based Diet, it exposed the devastating impact of the animal agricultural industry on our food quality. The appalling animal brutality and the fact that this industry is the biggest contributor to global warming and environmental destruction – it was a huge realisation on how unaware we all are of this industry”.  

This led to the desire to create a more environmentally aware brand to South Africans, providing products that aid in the transition to a better and more sustainable life.

The earth is at a critical stage of its survival, and if everyone started to be active and take individual responsibility, we can make drastic improvements to the earth’s and our health!”.  

It must have come with some challenges surely? 

I have been studying and working in the health and hospitality industry for the last 10 years and getting started from scratch was a bit of a challenge! However, I had a passion for all that Msulwa Life, and that’s all I needed!”.

Msulwa Life’s CEO is all hands-on deck with all departments, including the creating of products, sourcing, branding, website structure, social media, and packaging! Ensuring that she knows the company & her customers on a more personal level. 

What are your superpowers? 

Care for my customers – I naturally care and listen to the people around me. It is important to me that people receive the best service, product quality, and positive experience with Msulwa Life. Passion – I really love working every day with Msulwa Life, and that easily gives me the motivation to get through all the struggles. Diversity – my ability to have creative and adaptable skills to do as many of the daily designing, and businesses tasks myself.” 

What do you love about Africa? 

After being abroad for 5 years, the realisation became significant, that Africa really has wonderful and friendly people. We have an outstanding and beautiful environment that is so rich in the diversity of animals, that makes it so special. Africa is really unique.” 

What made you take the step into the unknown to become an entrepreneur? 

I have always had a creative mind, constantly dreaming up ideas, together with aspirations and capabilities, that I could never fully explore when I was working elsewhere. I knew that I would only reach my full potential and be the most effective in the world when I pursued my passions and utilised my skills in directions that I was truly interested in, and this is Msulwa Life.”

Something to leave our readers with?  

“Enjoying what you do and having a desire for what you want to achieve is really the foundation for success. I haven’t yet gotten close to my environmental and business goals, but I feel I am on the right track!” 

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