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Local Live Events Company ’KilowattAV’ Steps into the Flat-Pack Furniture Business amid Lockdown

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

KilowattAV, established in 2007, has branched out and grown their company to feats that are praiseworthy. This growth inspired by out of the box thinking from the start.

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CEO Dillon Jearey humorously recalls: “So we basically had a technical equipment company, with no technical equipment to rent out, and as you can imagine those were fun times”. KilowattAV now has two warehouses and two manufacturing plants, that manufacture for these live events companies providing them with exhibition stands, stage sets and various consumer engagement tools. They have now pivoted their business strategy into the flat-pack furniture business with a range that varies from in-bed laptop tables to children’s learning desks. Living up to their ability to quickly adapt to all sorts of challenges with KilowattSET.

Intrigued by KilowattAV’s inspiring and innovative pivoting business strategy into KilowattSET, we at Forever Africa Lifestyle wanted to know more…

How has lockdown affected KilowattAV?

It’s been fantastic! We are having record-breaking months, jokes Dillon. He’s a firm believer in keeping overall morale high, and he is a strong activist in mental health awareness: We have a strong open-door policy at Kilowatt. They’ve initiated a number-grading system for their staff’s mental health and allowing them to provide support to those that need it.

In KilowattAVs’ 13 years we have never missed a salary payment. Just simple things like that have been tough to deal with, but we are incredibly optimistic about the future. We are a company that is used to change. We are extremely agile and malleable to any challenges that arise, which has helped us deal with this current crisis states Dillon.

What made KilowattAV restructure certain departments?

When we saw the impact that the virus was going to have, we had to restructure and adapt. After putting our heads together, we brainstormed ideas as to how we could adapt and fit to the new current way of life with our available resources. We knew that more people are now working from home. We started looking into flat-pack furniture available in South Africa. Our designers came up with an incredibly beautiful range of flat-pack furniture that requires no screws, is completely modular and just clips together. We basically had to start a company from scratch again.

How has the response been to your restructuring?

Positive mainly. On the first day, we had 50 orders, but it came with its fair share of challenges retail is an unbelievably brutal animal.

How do you see Kilowatt?

To build anything of value for myself, staff and shareholders. I had to get out the way and allow Kilowatt to flourish on its own. We have a very clear purpose, and that is to be audience activists, and we want to make sure everyone we engage with has the best possible experience.

What are Kilowatt’s plans for the future?

Hopefully, a name associated with furniture and our brand isn't going to go anywhere.

Book/Series you reading/watching?

Ozark for series.

‘Factfulness’ and ‘Trust me I am Lying’ for books.

Business wars for podcasts.

Your Superpowers?

Empathy and culture. We have developed our own culture at KilowattAV. It is who we are as a team that sets us apart from our competitors.

What do you love about Africa?

I love Africa. Man, I could go on for ages and specifically South Africa! I love our resilience, our acceptance of things, and our ability to just get on with it! Come rain, loadshedding or water restrictions we just do! We are hustlers, we are on the move, we adjust, and we get on with it.

What made you take the step into the unknown to become an entrepreneur?

This was a tough one to answer. Firstly, I didn’t think anyone would give me a job, and secondly, I wanted to impact people’s lives on an exponential level. I wanted to create opportunities for people and in turn, allow them to create opportunities for others.

Lastly- What would you like to leave our readers with?

Rollercoasters would be boring if they only went up. So, embrace the ups, the downs, and the loops as that is what life is about.



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